Thursday, March 22, 2012

#Algeria: Three Child Suicides In Less Than 24 Hours!

Three children between the ages of 11 and 12, two of them from the same school, committed suicide by hanging themselves in less than 24 hours in Algeria’s northeastern province of Tizi Ouzou, local and regional media reported on Thursday.

Algeria's El-Khabar newspaper on Thursday quoted local medical sources as saying that poor school results and lack of proper communication with the children might have led to their suicide.

However, the explanation has failed to dispel the state of fear which has spread among local residents demanding a thorough investigation into the suicides shrouded in mystery.

Eleven-year old Mohand Agli, known for Sadiq, was found dead on Monday inside his room in the village of Abhlal, part of Tizi Ouzou province.

“The child’s sister called her brother several times to have coffee with her before she went, knocked ate the door and force opened the door to find him hanging from a sport belt,” the UAE-based al-Bayan newspaper quoted one of his relatives as saying.

The child’s relative described his family’s state as “hysterical.”

He said the funeral was held in a state of fear and terror among residents who now fear that their children could commit suicides at any time.
Hours before Sadiq’s death, a 12-year old child whose name was mentioned only as Zidan, was found dead, having hanged himself in an abandoned house in the village of Ikhribn.

Zidan and Sadiq were attending the same school, despite living in different places.

Only one night before the two children were found dead, another child from a nearby village committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree at about 9 p.m. Algerian newspapers did not mention his name but said he was 11 years old and a student of the fifth grade.

#SierraLeone: Child Soldiers - At just nine-years-old, Leone was abducted by rebels

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At just nine-years-old, this young man was abducted by rebels in Sierra Leone. He fought with them for six months and was forced to commit unimaginable atrocities. Listen to his story and how children's charity SOS Children helped him turn his life around by providing him with an education and helping him become independent. Today, he is a peace activist and campaigns against the use of child soldiers.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#Kenya #Obama Birth Certificate Surfaces In Africa

By Africa

Now it is here and places the president in the African continent.

The debate surrounding it will now end after the revelation, and those who have not been telling the truth will have to be made answerable one way or another.

The revelation, however, coming during this election year 2012 is doing no good to the democratic party.

 API on Tuesday the 6th March evening received President Obama’s genuine birth certificate. API decided not to hurry in publishing it immediately because we wanted to be sure of the content value.

Now that the scrutiny has been done, the publishing of the Birth certificate that will clear the air once and for all is being done without prejudice. This may force the US president to apologise to the American people for having been kept in the dark on the issue for a long time now on demanding the publishing of the birth certificate by President Obama. Coast province? Check it out Coast province? Check it out
 API will scan in here a letter from Coast Provincial Birth Registration Office in the next few hours or days, depending on how quick API is cleared to do so.

The purpose of scanning the official letter is to ensure that what we have received as you see here is fully collaborated officially. : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually. : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually.

Everyone knows that the documents are very sensitive and are not for misuse by any person to gain upper hand in political games.

It is, however, fair that the whole truth is brought to light and have the whole saga put to rest once and for all.

Many people seem to be of the opinion that there is a plan to hide from them the real thing.

The US President says he is born in Hawaii.

Many documents being circulated worldwide says otherwise.

Therefore, it is very important to be outright and get the real thing on the table without witch hunt or without trying to malign the president’s name, unless the truth is not what he personally has said.
A duly signed official letter and a very special document will be scanned here for all to see – this comes in a few hours or days, depending on how quick API gets the clearance to do so. The two documents will put the issue to rest and clear the air once and for all who wish to know the true facts of this case file that has bothered a section of the American people!



#Somalia: Visa and Passport Requirements:

#Kenya #Somalia :Video - Judith Tebbutt Speaks About Her Release...

#Kenya #Somali Judith Tebbutt : Somali pirates free British hostage Judith Tebbutt

A British woman kidnapped from a resort island on the Kenyan coast has been released, a Somali pirate and a militia official said today.
Judith Tebbutt was kidnapped by Somali gunmen from a beach resort north of the coastal city of Lamu last September.

The gunmen killed her husband, David Tebbutt, during the attack.

Somali pirate Bile Hussein and Mohammed Hussein, an official with the militia Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama, said Mrs Tebbutt was released by pirate captors today and is expected to be flown to Nairobi.

The pirates attacked the Tebbutts during a string of assaults and kidnappings in coastal Kenya.

Kenyan troops moved into Somalia soon after the spate of attacks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

#Johannesburg : Man in court for raping 33 girls

A 40-year-old man accused of raping 33 girls appeared in the Alberton Magistrate's Court on Tuesday morning.

The case was stood down for later on Tuesday to give the man's wife time to arrange his legal representation.

The man cannot be identified until he has pleaded.

The lawyer expected to represent him told the court the accused had approached him but he did not want to represent him.

The man is accused of raping 33 girls between the ages of 10 and 14. He also faces 33 counts of attempted murder. He was arrested in Eden Park at the end of January after one of the girls followed him to his home and alerted the police.

The girls, from Gauteng's East Rand areas of Katlehong, Thokoza, and Vosloorus, were apparently lured into the veld and raped between 2007 and 2011.

During an earlier court appearance he said he was convicted for rape in 1997 and released from prison in 2005.

He attempted to speak to the court about the merits of the present charges against him but was told he would have to speak to an attorney.

Because of the seriousness of the matter the case will be moved to a high court at a later stage.

Eastern Cape:PE couple in court accused of child rape

A couple accused of raping a 14-year-old girl have appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday (08/03/2012).

The pair appeared in court on Wednesday. Their bail application would begin on March 13, Captain Sandra Janse Van Rensburg said.

They were arrested on Monday.The girl and her nine-year-old brother were placed in the woman’s custody six years ago.

"The school noticed that the girl was showing signs of abuse and contacted the family violence, child protection, and sexual offences unit,” Van Rensburg said.

The siblings were taken to a place of safety. - Sapa

#Nigeria :British hostage killed in failed Nigeria rescue

A British hostage was killed during an attempted rescue mission in Nigeria, David Cameron said.
The effort to free Chris McManus, from the North West of England, and an Italian hostage was launched by Nigerian forces with the assistance of the UK.

The Prime Minister said the pair appeared to have died at the hands of their captors, either before or during the course of the rescue bid.

It was launched after the UK received credible information about their whereabouts and that their lives were under increasing threat, a spokeswoman said.

There have been a number of foreigners kidnapped while working in Nigeria in recent years.
In September 2008 two Britons were held by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta.

A Scottish oil worker was abducted and his guard killed in April 2009, in the Rivers State capital Port Harcourt.

Three Britons and a Colombian were kidnapped in January 2010 and in November of the same year, four men from the US, Canada and France were taken 7.5 miles offshore on the Okoro field.

In January last year two French hostages were kidnapped from Niamey, the capital of neighbouring Niger to Nigeria's north.